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Long Lost Family

How Genealogy saved the day!

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This will be a fairly short entry. I didn't want to upload a lot of pic's of folks since I hadn't asked them all if they minded, but will include a couple for reference sake (without names).

My maternal grandfather (Gramps to us kids) was married three times. His first wife died in the 1918 flu epidemic leaving him with an infant daughter. Six years later he married my grandmother and had three more surviving children, including my mother. When she was in college, that marriage broke up and he married again and had three surviving sons. There were some 'issues' between his second and third families, but we visited them occasionally and I had met my half uncles when I was a kid. My mom stayed in touch with her step mom a bit, and I guess the families kept track of each other through the moms. However when Gramp's third wife passed away (Gramps is long gone), the rest of us lost track of each other.

Mom and I tried to track them down a few times, but were unsuccessful. Likewise, they had tried to locate us unsuccessfully. Then the magic of technology stepped in. A couple of years ago, I posted a request for information on Phil Fox on one of the bulletin boards on Ancestry.com. A few months (or years, I didn't keep track) I got a poke from someone saying - sure, Phil Fox was his father! I immediately recognized the poke as coming from one of my uncles from the third wife.

We exchanged a little more information off and on, and finally one of my uncles was able to come up and meet us once when I was visiting my brother in CA (my uncle was still in CA as well). This was such a treat, not only were we able to reconnect with a long lost relative, he also brought a box full of pictures including a couple of pictures of Gramps as a little boy and the wedding picture of him with his first wife!

(Gramps is the boy on the left, he was in a play of some sort at the Virginia City, NV Opera House)

So now that we've gotten back in touch, I couldn't let a trip to CA like this go by without visiting my uncle again! When I let him know we'd be in town, he scheduled a nice lunch at his community clubhouse so we could meet his family also. I also let my brother know, and he and his wife (& grandson) also joined us. My brother is quite a bit younger then I and didn't realize he had this whole, extended family out there! Anyway, here's the clubhouse where we had the big get together. It was quite lovely.


The first thing of course, was Mom getting together with her siblings.


Later she was sitting with a couple of them and they started clowning around (so typical), so of course I had to bring out the camera (again, so typical):


Some of the CA folks were smart enough to bring their swimsuits:


Mom and I weren't quite that together, although I think my uncle had mentioned that they had a pool. Although we didn't have our swim suits, Mom wasn't to be shut out completely.


And my brother and his grandson were also a little better prepared.


All in all, a very successful reconnection. I am SO glad we were able to finally locate each other and get to know our relatives better. Hopefully we can stay in touch a little better going forward...

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