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Corning to LA

415 miles of hard driving to the outskirts if the LA bason

rain 60 °F

You might be in luck (depending on your preferences).

The photo uploader isn't working, and I don't have much to show for the day anyway, so will just leave a quick update. ...Nevermind, it seems to be working now so you're out of luck (again, depending on your preferences).

Welcome to CA!


We woke up to a hard, wet rain this morning in Corning, CA (2 hours north of Sacramento). Fortunately, we're from WA, so we have the proper attire for the unexpectedly wet welcome, as Grizzly somewhat reluctantly is modelling:


I had to drive the car some to charge up the battery and lube the transmission (one reason Kia's don't make good tow vehicles), so did a quick trip up to the Olive Pit (Corning is a big olive growing area). After the requisite sampling of the wares, I picked up a small amount of souvenirs and we hit the road.


Before leaving, I couldn’t help notice the olive orchards all around Corning. As the day wore on we also drove through pistachio, orange, almond and apricot orchards as well as vineyards and agricultural things I couldn’t identify.

The rain was unexpected, but the head wind was the real problem. This particular RV model has a narrow wheelbase for it’s size, so tends to bounce around a little anyway. Add a headwind and it was nasty. Fought the beast until we got through Sacramento and the wind lightened considerably. Unfortunately the surface of I5 was so bad it didn’t matter much – especially through Stockton. They are working on the road through there, but it looks like it’s a few decades overdue. Nasty, nasty drive.

Once past all that, the rest of the trip was easy. The rain continued but only on and off and mostly light (after we got through the first couple of hours anyway). At least it kept things relatively cool (which Grizzly appreciated). We drove past a couple of wind turbines (there are more on other highways), a couple of signs advocating removal of turbines (?), and over the California Aquaduct a few times – a very impressive engineering feat.


We saw our first egrets today, not a lot of them but several. I couldn't get a picture of an egret while driving (again, The Grizzly is just not cooperating in running the camera for me), so I had to settle for a Dove at the rest area. Anyone else would skip such silly pic's, but that wouldn't be me:


At one point in the drive, we were going past miles and miles of almond orchards on both sides of I5. This is hard to capture in a pic while driving, but see if you can see the end of these orchards?


Very rural, very agricultural - just a 'you were there' photo:


I was able to drive all the way without stopping for gas (415 miles). Tonight we are stopped about 100 miles from Long Beach, I didn’t want to try to drive through LA traffic at night and tired, so had planned to stop before getting there and finish up in the morning – which we’ll do.

While we did drive over the CA Aquaduct several times, I wasn't able to take any pictures of it with all the water it carries. However just before stopping for the night, I saw this off in the distance, which I believe is where they pump the water over the pass to the LA bason.


So now that the hard driving is over, hopefully I can turn into a little more of a tourist on vacation and do/see some really interesting things!

ps - I don't have very many photo's from today, nothing particularly nice for sure - but will upload what I have when the uploader is working again - maybe tomorrow...

pps - cancel that, what you see is what you get.

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