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Arrived in LA

Let the Vacation Begin!

rain 65 °F

Boy am I glad I decided not to try to make it over the pass and tackle LA freeways late at night after driving all day! It was rough enough driving in this morning, but I did make it to LA in one piece.

When we woke up in Wheeler Ridge, this is what greated us again for CA weather!


We started out over the Tejon Pass in the rain, but after we passed the summit we did start leaving the storm behind and it became partly sunny and at least dry (although the locals tell me they do need rain on this side of the mountains also). The pass was pretty nasty, maybe partly due to the storm as the winds were quite gusty and strong most of the way down the western side. The roads were just about as bad as in Stockton, I5 isn't so much a freeway anymore but an obsticle course (in parts of it anyway). Coming down out of the pass, things still look relatively rural, but that changes quickly. This is the first sign of civilization I saw (again, holding camera's while fighting the road & traffic is not a good idea, so this is the last of these shots - I promise).


Last night I found there was a Camping World right off of I5 in mid LA. Since I still wasn't sure what the plan was (if there was one) once I got to my brothers house, and also was somewhat concerned about the car battery going dead while being towed, I opted to head there rather than an RV park. The service counter assured me the RV hookup was correctly installed, but when towing I need to leave the RV lights on (at least the parking lights) for the trickle charge to work. Hmm, I had assumed that it was better to leave the lights off to 'conserve' electricity - so anyway will try their suggestion. I did buy a few more things to finish rewiring the backup camera and also install the Analogy/Digital converter so mom could watch TV. (Funny, I had the RV for several months before I had Camping World go through it for a general inspection and didn't know the TV didn't work because it was an old analog TV and couldn't read the new digital signals. Didn't want to spend the money on a converter, but finally decided it would be easier then pulling out the old unit and trying to fit a new one in it's place.

By then, I figured I'd better get over to Long Beach and pick up Mom. When I got there, most of the family wasn't home from work yet and I hated to just grab Mom & leave, so we loaded up her stuff and sat around and waited for a bit. Finally my brother got home and we decided to visit his wife, Heidi. She just had back surgery yesterday so was still in the Hospital. The Doctor came by and was glad to see her family visiting. He said she's doing very well and can probably go home Sunday.


Once we'd worn Heidi out, the rest of us went out to dinner to visit a little longer and plan what to do tomorrow.


Charlie acted like he didn't care if we came or went (in other words, he was being Charlie), so I'd been thinking of heading on down to San Diego tomorrow. However, my niece Colleen said she'd taken off from work tomorrow to spend time with us - so we'll stay in this area Saturday and decide from there. Her boyfriend fired up his smart phone and ordered tickets for the Getty Villa so Charlie, Colleen and I will visit that tomorrow. I didn't realize the Villa and the Art Museum are two different places, what I really wanted to see was the Villa, so off we'll go....

Starting tomorrow, hopefully we'll have some more normal type vacation stuff for the blog....

One interesting note, I used the Navigate feature on Google Maps on my smartphone to get from Camping World to my brothers house in Long Beach and back again after dinner (it was dark, I was tired, LA freeways...). Amazing technology!!!

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