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The Plan Changes

Trip Preparations Held Up by Sun Breaks

sunny 70 °F

I did spend time getting ready for the trip this weekend, but the weather was SO nice, I got a little lazy and didn’t get things done as quickly as I should have.

Rather than get stressed about it, I decided I had plenty of time scheduled in Napa Valley to take in the Marin County Courthouse tour later in April so would take an extra day at home to prepare then drive straight through to LA. Three days to drive from Seattle to LA isn’t too bad, especially now that the cruise control is fixed!

So in between a few sun breaks (only the 16th time since 1945 that Seattle has gotten above 70F before the end of March!) – I’ve been fixing and installing, cleaning, packing, mowing and arranging. Got the dog’s booster shots and a proof of vaccination (some RV parks require this now), renewed the tabs on the RV and the Kia it will be towing (both of which expired in April – am a little amazed I didn’t forget something like that as I almost did once before.)

I think I’ve got the RV camera installed correctly, but won’t test it until tomorrow morning. Bringing some tools along in case (I’m a little concerned about the electrical connection in the back of the car, I took a shortcut, which usually isn’t a good idea – so may have to take it apart and do it right.)

I decided against moving the DC inverter out of the old rig and will pick a new one up at a truck stop along the way (Probably Rice Hill in OR, Love LOVES). (See comment above about bringing some tools along).

I also managed to suspend garbage pickup, paper delivery (mail already goes to the PO box, but will have one of my neighbors picking up anything that slips through to the mailbox). Another neighbor and I came to terms on a charge for mowing the lawn – if he sticks to his price, I may have him mow more often! The neighborhood watch has been notified, still need to notify the sheriff – all sorts of things for an extended absence. And of course, there is an alarm system on the house and garage.

So anyway, I will still be in LA by Friday, probably sometime mid/late morning and the rest of the plan is the same – just moving the Marin Courthouse tour to later in April.

Tally Ho

btw - if you have trouble with mid stream plan changes, probably better not travel with me! I kind of like the free form travel style and am struggling a bit with myself 'doign it by the book'.

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The Plan

Heading to Southern CA by RV in April & May, 2013 -

It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken any sort of extended trip. Since my temp job ends March 31st, and Mom has decided to move back to WA (and doesn’t want to fly) – I have a built in excuse to take an RV trip to southern CA to pick up Mom. The gas for this will be considerably more than a plane ticket, so I might as well make a real trip & vacation out of it!

This time, I’ll be travelling in ‘style’ (if a 1992 lemon of an RV can be considered stylish! Yes, it is quite a lemon, but it’s my lemon so I might as well enjoy it.)

1992 Winnabego Brave

1992 Winnabego Brave

This is a 27’ Class A (bus style, no bunk over the cab) – so you really have a great view driving down the road. I will be towing a 2009 Kia Rio (not a good tow car by the way, in case you are ever planning to try something like this). So the plan will be quite different then my last trip, we will plan ahead, stay in campgrounds or RV parks for several days, and use the car to get about town while we’re in an area.

My last big trip was in a 21’ Class C and we drove the RV everywhere (it wasn’t capable of towing a car behind it). We had such a blast, it was really hard deciding to move up to this larger size. In case you didn’t follow us on that trip, the blog is also on Travellerspoint:


So anyway – here’s the plan (caution – things may change!)

April 1, Leave WA

Will head pretty much straight to LA to get Mom first, with one exception. I will stop Marin to take the Docent lead tour of the Marin County Courthouse on April 3rd.

April 5 – 9, Long Beach, CA area
Pick up Mom and her stuff. Probably also spend some time at the beach, tour the Getty Museum, also the San Diego Zoo, and visit my cousin Beth

April 10 – 13, Santa Barbara, CA area

Spend some more time at the beach, Solvang, Anderson Pea Soup, and Santa Barbara in general

April 14 – 16, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande

Spend some more time at the beach, possibly also Hearst Castle

April 17 – 19, Carmel, Monterey, Castroville

Spend some more time at the beach (hmm, am I detecting a theme here?), Cannery Row, find an Artichoke restaurant, ???

April 20 – 25, San Jose, San Francisco (Bay Area)

OK, looks like I’m starting to get into trouble time wise, so may have to cut down some of these stops… In the meantime, we’ll plan to visit some cousins in Cupertino, I’d like to visit the Egyptian Museum in San Jose, SF Wharf area, ???

April 26 – May 5, Napa Valley

Big visit with my uncle Al on April 28th, hoping also to visit the Jack London ‘Wolf House’ ruins and see if I can locate any more of my great aunt’s art work, there, in Petaluma, Santa Rosa areas. Will also fit in some wineries (Castle de Amarosa comes highly recommended by my brother)

May 6 – 12 (or slightly less), Fresno Area

Visit the Lewis’s outside of Fresno, possibly some other family. I’ve written two drafts of Mr. Lewis’s story so far, he spent time in Okinawa during the battle in WWII, was an AF Jet fighter pilot in Germany when Russia invaded Hungary, and also a forward air controller in Vietnam, so has quite an interesting story – I’d like to try to finish it! Got a cousin getting married in the area on May 12th, and a sister getting married in Seattle May 19th, so the timing get’s kind of tricky. However, if everything works right, I should be able to hop back on I5 and get back to WA in a couple of days.

However, would also like to visit my aunt in Salem, maybe at least stop in Ashland and or Cottage Grove, Fort Vancouver is also fun – oops! May have to start reigning myself in a bit. <<Sorry if I confused you, this last bit was just joking, well maybe will stop in Salem - but I Will be back in Seattle before May 19th!>>

So this is the rough plan, stay tuned!

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